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To my wife Joyce and I the Ozarks conjured up cartoon images of Li’l Abner and Daisy Mae planting 'taters by the moonlight while across the holler Snuffy Smith was busy brewing a vat of white lightning. With these preconceived images it is hard to express our delight as we first traveled the winding two lane ridge top roads of the Arkansas Ozarks. We found hiking trails in hardwood forests bordering lush river valleys….tail water streams which have yielded world record Brown trout, clear mountain lakes ….Championship golf courses ….and mild winters which offered year round opportunities for outdoor living and recreation. This first expedition to the Ozarks was also our last. We packed up our belongings and left the seaside community of Carmel California and found our little river valley a short drive from the town of Norfork. There we built a fly fishing lodge on the White River, raised a daughter and after twenty years retired to the farming community of Melbourne Arkansas. Being tree huggers that experienced the “Summer of Love” in the late 60’s we settled down and made our contributions and met our responsibilities. We would now like to share this mountain safe haven with others. For those who are seeking a second childhood in a rural setting without the hustle and bustle of urban living , the Ozarks have a great deal to offer.

The question we were asked most often was “Why in the world would you leave Carmel”, the response was “Here in the Ozarks we have found a similar beauty in the landscape without the ever present hordes of people in California”

Sunset on Carmel beach                                               Ozark Mountain Sunset


( Not to mention 1/3 the cost of living)


Three new homes being built on Coopers Hawk Golf Course


An opportunity to live on an 18 hole golf course in a newly constructed  home with prices starting at:

 $199,900 USD


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Homes & land for sale in the Arkansas Ozarks.. Homes & land for sale in the Arkansas Ozarks.. Homes and land for sale in the Arkansas Ozarks